cropped-logob.jpgThe Eastern Amateur Coastal Rowing Club (‘The Eastern’) launched our first boat SKELF in December 2015.  Thank you to our sponsors Stag Energy for doing the honours that day – and for providing the funds that brought in match funding from sportscotland to get us afloat.

We were delighted to be met on the water by Rowporty’s Icebreaker and North Edinburgh Rowing’s Troika and loved the oar salute they welcomed us with. We were also honoured that folk from Boatie Blest, Eskmuthe and Newhaven turned out too making a grand total of six clubs represented on Portobello beach for the maiden voyage.

Our second boat SPRITE was launched in May 2018 with funding from The National Lottery, this time there were even more boats out on the water (it was warmer too!) and Sprite got her own oar salute, including one from her ‘sister’ Skelf.

EACRC’s primary aim is to develop the competitive sport of coastal rowing.  We welcome members who share that aim and who adhere to the Club’s principles.  As a sports club EACRC subscribes to an ethos that:

  • creates a supportive atmosphere which encourages learning, development and opportunity for all to achieve their potential;
  • engenders a collective responsibility to care for the boat and to contribute;
  • promotes integrity on and off the water in a spirit of trust and transparency; and
  • aspires to success in terms of personal/team development as well as competition wins.

We aim to build a club with a lasting legacy.

Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims of the club. All members are expected to contribute to the on-going work involved in maintaining and enjoying a collectively-owned coastal rowing boat. Membership is equal.

The Club is a member of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, the international class association for the St Ayle’s skiff.

We are a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), charity number: SC047648.






2 Responses to Welcome

  1. anneflannery says:

    As one of the section pilots I am trying to contact someone about the row around. Could you please tell me the person who is overseeing this.


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