Boat booking policies

Outside of scheduled rotas, The EACRC encourages members to book the boat out for training or social rows.

Short rows (1 – 2 hours)

So long as there are no scheduled training rows, a crew may book the boat out for a row (training, fishing, social rowing etc.) provided they have a Captain on board. For information on how to go about booking the boat, see ‘how to book‘.

Longer adventure rows 

A crew may take the boat for longer rows/adventures/events, subject to the Captain meeting the extra criteria below.

If a crew would like to take the boat on a private trip where there is a clash with training sessions, or they are planning it well in advance when training rows may not yet have been booked, they may approach the committee to ask for permission. In deciding on the outcome, the committee will consider:

  • how long the boat will be away for;
  • the effects on training it would have (i.e. the impact on any booked sessions, where in the training season the event falls);
  • what the opportunity is;
  • who is making the request (we would like to give club members unique opportunities to take part in exciting events, but must also consider all members of the club and the frequency with which certain members have been away on these types of trips.)

Extra criteria a captain must meet for longer trips

For longer trips/adventure rows, the EACRC captain must:

  • Know the area well including any ‘dangers’ or
  • Have charts of the area and know how to read them or have researched thoroughly and be confident there are no ‘dangers’
  • Check the tide and if there will be any strong currents during the row. If there will, then plan accordingly.
  • Ensure the crew is well prepared with food, water & warm clothing
  • Arrange adequate safety cover where necessary
  • Arrange a point of contact on land who knows exactly what the outing plan is, who is going and what time you are expected back etc.


If club members have visitors staying and would like to take them out for a row, they must comply with the above for any private boat booking plus they must ensure full names of the visitors are noted so that they can be ‘temporary members’ for insurance purposes.

The club member is responsible for their guests during the outing and for ensuring their guests know what they need to to make it a safe outing.

A maximum of 2 ‘visitors’ rowing per boat (another in the stern is possible, subject to weather conditions).

We suggest a donation of £2 per row per visitor.