If you are interested in joining EACRC, please read this before getting in touch – it will help you find out if this is the club for you.  
EACRC is a rowing club, the primary aim of which is to develop the competitive sport of coastal rowing in Portobello. The secondary aim is to enjoy the opportunities a shared boat affords for recreation, adventure and leisure. 
We welcome all ages and all levels of experience (from novice to expert) however we do anticipate a basic level of fitness. We expect members to be able to: cycle for 45 mins, run for 30 minutes, swim for 45 minutes OR walk briskly for 2 hours (we recognise that not everyone may be able to do all of these). For young rowers and older rowers we appreciate that people may not start at this level of fitness, but can work up to it through rowing and land training with the club. We hope that in becoming a member of EACRC you will not only develop your rowing ability, but you will also have a fulfilling and enjoyable time and form new friendships. 
In order to achieve these aims, we expect members to contribute what they can to the smooth running of the club. This may include: coxing; maintenance & repairs; admin; fundraising etc We intend for members to make a fair contribution so that it does not fall on the shoulders of a few. 
For those wishing to participate in training and competition there will be a style of rowing which we expect members to follow. At peak training times of the year, competitive crews will be expected to commit to between 2 and 4 hours a week on the water.  
All training sessions will have dedicated coxes – the coxes are equally as important as the rowers. Therefore we need all members to be open to coxing as well as rowing and we will support all members to develop their coxing skills. 
Finally, EACRC expects all members to treat each other and the boat with respect. 

We are not currently taking on new members. If you are interested in joining a waiting list please email: robin_irvine ‘at’ 

Initially we offer a trial membership which cost £10 (redeemable against a full year’s membership) and gives you up to 4 trial rows . After your 4 trial rows you may apply to join as a full member. Full membership costs £85,  concessionary rates are available.

Membership structure

As a club that actively encourages members to train regularly, improve and have a chance to test themselves through competition it is important that we actively manage membership numbers to ensure that:

  • all members have opportunities to train in the boat in the winter, when we are more limited to weekend training.
  • all members who are committed and training regularly have reasonable opportunities to race.

In addition we seek to develop a balanced club membership in terms of age and gender. This is important to our sporting ambitions as well as creating an inclusive and diverse club.

To enable us to manage our membership we have set some indicative ‘caps’ on the number of people we can accommodate in each age and gender category. We also record how often people use the boats and sign up for races. We regularly monitor this information and accept new members where we are confident that their inclusion will not impact on our ability to deliver the experiences outlined above to members.

The indicative caps are as follows (applied to men and women separately):

  • a maximum of 8 adult members under 40
  • a maximum of 10 adult members between 40 + 50
  • a maximum of 10 adult members between 50 + 60
  • a maximum of 10 adult members over 60

We have capacity for 8 male and 8 female youth rowers (under 18).

Before getting out on the water, we ask that all EACRC rowers read the EACRC basic rules, H&S guide, and rowers self assessment.

If you are interested in joining EACRC please get in touch with Robin (robin_irvine ‘at’