If you have any queries please contact Sean Watters.

(e)        (m) 07866 048685


5 Responses to Contact

  1. Kim says:

    Hi, I currently row with rowporty but I’d like to try a more competative approach to rowing. What should I do to start rowing with eacrc?


    • Sean Watters says:

      Hi Kim – we’re having an Open Day on August 14 where anyone can come try the boat. We had stopped taking new members as we didn’t want to grow too fast but we’re re-opening that in September. Think there will probably still be a cap on membership but we’ve not worked that out yet.

      More detail on the open day should be posted up beforehand, but if you can make that day come along.




  2. Kim says:

    Thanks Sean, will try to mame it to the open day.


  3. Good afternoon,
    On behalf of WSV Woudrichem, The Netherlands, we like to inform you about the following;
    We organize the first Dutch International Regatta in the ascension weekend on 26, 27,28,29 May 2017.
    During the ascension weekend is our traditional freshwater fishery festival in Woudrichem.
    On Thursday, Ascension Day there is the famous Dutch championship frying fish.
    On Saturday, the traditional year market and every evening there are other activity’s.
    We provide free camping, free BBQ on Friday evening and everyday a free breakfast to start with.
    The date is already discussed with SCRA and publish on the calendar.
    Pleas invite everybody in your aria to come over.
    Beside our regatta you’re always welcome to take a row in our aria.
    Best regards WSV Woudrichem (The Netherlands)


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