How to book

We very much welcome & encourage full members to book the boat for rows outside of the scheduled rotas. We expect that the boat and equipment will be looked after with care and respect during all rows.

If you are interested in doing this, please read the document: ‘Boat booking policies‘. This goes through our policies for short boat bookings (up to 2 hours), longer ‘adventure’ rows and also taking out visitors.

Responsibility: The Captain

All crews going out need to have a named captain on board. In order to be an EACRC ‘captain’ there is a checklist of criteria you must fulfil – see: captain’s self assessment. The captain will make the final decisions and is responsible for taking reasonable precaution to ensure everyone and the boat are kept safe. They do not necessarily need to be the cox but will assess who can cox given the conditions.


Practicalities: How to book the boat out

  • Go to the EACRC booking calendar
  • Either go to ”add event’ or double click on the date bar.
  • Enter the password. Email if you need this.
  • Fill out the form which pops up and save it – it should then appear as a boat booking on the calendar
  • Please ensure that the names of the full crew and the captain are recorded either on the EACRC calendar or the EACRC teamer page.