Child Protection Policy

For the purposes of this policy anyone under the age of 18 should be considered as a child.  The policy also applies to protected adults aged 16 and over, where appropriate.

It is the policy of the Eastern Amateur Coastal Rowing Club (EACRC) to safeguard children and young people taking part in boating from physical, sexual or emotional harm.  EACRC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that, through appropriate procedures and training, children participating in EACRC activities do so in a safe environment.  We recognise that the safety and welfare of the child is paramount and that all children, whatever their age, gender, disability, culture, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, social status or sexual identity, have a right to protection from abuse.

EACRC actively seeks to:

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment, both on and off the water, where children can have fun and develop their skills and confidence.
  • Recognise that safeguarding children is the responsibility of everyone, not just those who work with children.
  • Ensure that EACRC organised training and events are run to the highest possible safety standards.
  • Be prepared to review its ways of working to incorporate best practice.

We will:

  • Treat all children with respect and celebrate their achievements.
  • Carefully recruit and select all employees, contractors and volunteers.
  • Respond swiftly and appropriately to all complaints and concerns about poor practice or suspected or actual child abuse.

This policy relates to all employees, contractors and volunteers who work with children or protected adults in the course of their EACRC duties.  It will be kept under periodic review.


EACRC Welfare Officer

The Club Welfare Officer is: Laura Plumb 


The Club Welfare Officer and those regularly instructing, coaching or supervising young people are required to apply for membership of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.  The Club Welfare Officer will maintain a record of PVG membership.

Good Practice

All members of the Club should follow the Good Practice Guide attached.  Those working with young people should be aware of the guidance on recognising abuse (see Appendix A ‘What is Child Abuse’).

The Club will seek written consent from the child and their parents/carers before taking photos or video at an event or training session or publishing such images.  Parents and spectators should be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state their purpose for photography/filming.  If the Club publishes images of children, no identifying information other than names will be included.  Any concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography or the inappropriate use of images should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer.


Anyone who is concerned about a young member’s welfare, either outside the sport or within the Club, should inform the Club Welfare Officer immediately, in strict confidence. A record of anything the child has said and/or what has been observed, if possible with dates and times, should be made using the referral form (Appendix B).

The Club Welfare Officer is responsible for making a referral/seeking advice from the City of Edinburgh Children and Families Social Care Department. Child protection concerns must be reported to the Social Work Manager at:

City of Edinburgh Council
Children and Families Social Care Department
Chesser House
500 Gorgie Road
EH11 3JL
Tel: 0131 200 2327 

Emergency Social Work Service (ESWS)
Out of hours (e.g. during the evening and at weekends):
Tel: 0800 731 6969

Any Club Member may need to contact the Police if there are urgent circumstances, such as:

  • The immediate avoidance of further abuse;
  • The immediate pursuit of an alleged abuser;
  • The avoidance of the destruction of evidence;
  • Where a child may have been harmed by a person unknown to the child and their family.

Contacting the Police – If urgent telephone 999

Otherwise telephone:
Family Protection Unit 
Amethyst Team
Vega House
Police Scotland,
Police Headquarters
Fettes Avenue
Tel: 0131 316 6600

If any Club Member makes an urgent referral to the Police they must also notify the Club Welfare Officer as soon as possible.