Members Update – January 2019

Finance – we expect the fallowing the move to Bellfield (see below) the club will finish the administrative year with approx. £1000 in hand before new subscriptions come in.

Bellfield – The lease for Bellfield has been signed, the work to the gate has been carried out and we are almost ready to move the main operations of the club to Bellfield. The move will happen once we have received new covers for the boats which is expected at the end of January. Please watch this space for further information – your help will be required!

Following the move we will probably retain a small amount of space at one of the sheds on the lane (current premises) for storing a small amount of equipment.

Bosun –

  • We are considering re-painting Sprite – again watch this space as help greatly appreciated.
  • If anyone has any woodwork skills and would like to get involved with boat maintenance please get in touch with Sean or Nick – we are desperate for help to keep the boats in prime condition for the season ahead

Membership – 13 new trial members have now converted to full members filling several gaps in various age categories – Welcome Aboard All!

Training – there will be an ‘away’ training day on the canal at Dullatur probably towards the end of Feb / early March – watch this space for further information.

We plan to attend Broughty Ferry regatta (18th May), South Queensferry (1st June) and of course the Worlds in Stranraer (7-13 July). There will be other regattas later in the season.


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Members update – November 2018

Finance & the move to Bellfield

  • Two recent successful funding bids have brought in over £2k to support our move to Bellfield (more details below). Thanks again to Fiona for help on these applications.
  • Membership fees in 2019 will increase slightly for standard adult (£90) but our concession (£60) & youth rates will stay the same (£20 if a parent/guardian is a member or £40 if not).
  • Negotiations around our move to Bellfield have come to fruition and work will start soon on widening the access gate. More details will follow once we know the timeline for the move, so that all members know what is involved. This will include:
    • clearing out the current shed
    • helping with temporary storage of some equipment which we don’t want to move to Bellfield
    • becoming familiar with the new process of safely manoeuvring and storing the boats and storing our equipment in accordance with our lease agreement.

New members & training

  • Thanks to all members who helped get our 15 trial members out on the water over the last couple of months, and welcome to all of those who have already progressed to being fully fledged members.
  • We’re keen to ensure that the club always has a good age distribution to make sure that we can develop sustainably over the coming years. We have reviewed this for 2019 membership in light of our potential new members. Everyone’s age is shown in the figure below for female (left) and male (right) members in 2 year age increments.

  • Some training options are planned for over winter / early spring. The first will be video feedback from Ailsa & Alex on Sunday 25th Nov – see Teamer for details. More information will follow on the others including an away day trip, some coxes training and ideas for training using both boats.
  • The resources shared by the EACRC training committee have been warmly welcomed by several clubs – you might see some visitors showing up on the rota occasionally to see how we put our training plans into action.
  • A quick reminder to submit your baseline 12-minute erg distance to the spreadsheet soon if you haven’t already (see link in Gareth’s post from a few weeks ago). Your progress over winter will be one of the factors used to select teams next year (for the others check the crew selection guide on Teamer/docs). If you can’t do erg tests, feel free to get in touch with the training committee to discuss how you can best share your progress.

Committee & club tasks

  • In order to keep the committee fresh, we’re aiming to rotate membership every few years. Anyone who is interested in putting themselves forward for 2019 is welcome to do so – if you have any questions get in touch with anyone currently on the committee.
  • Similarly, the regular tasks which keep the club going would benefit from a few more hands on deck. If you’re willing to take on a share of rotamaking or assisting with youth crews please let us know.

Upcoming events

  • Our Christmas do begins at 19.30 on Wed 12th December. We have a good turnout already – our numbers are on the cusp of needing to move to a larger venue (Skylark -> Bellfield), so anyone who hasn’t yet bought their ticket(s), please do so as soon as possible (deadline 2nd of December) so that the organisers can make arrangements. As usual we’re planning a slide show, a quiz, awards for rower of the year and other special categories (please send nominations to Alison) and some good food, everyone (including friends/partners) are welcome.
  • AGM proposed date is 20th February 2019.


Members Update – Aug 2018

New members

  • Discussed options & decided to continue with one intake of new members annually to ensure we can offer good induction to new members and minimise disruption to existing members’ training.
  • Decided to offer trial memberships rather than run a Come & Try Day, with the format to include four rows over two months (Oct & Nov). During October, novices will be asked to sign up for Sunday rota only, to better facilitate focussed induction sessions.

Training committee

  • Suggest that coxes work more closely with specific crews and commit to races with the rowers.
  • Shared positive reflections on racing season – especially linking of regatta crews and benefits of asking for feedback. Some preference for one row per person at big regattas.
  • Other clubs have asked for information on how we train. The training committee have shared some resources invited them to get in touch if they wish more information.


  • Committee membership of three years to be adopted as policy, rather than written into constitution, alongside trustee policy for roles: membership, training, secretary, bosun, treasurer, general committee.
  • Training committee will also consider optimal changeover cycles and long term structure.

Other items

  • Various members are taking forward plans for a Mental Health initiative by developing a sustainable model and seeking advice from expert groups. More information will follow in due course.
  • Many members took part in the Parkrun takeover on 22nd September, wearing club gear to raise awareness of the club and coastal rowing in general.
  • Trevor hosted a BBQ to celebrate the end of the racing season. All of this year’s trophies, many medals and one or two bottles of wine were brought together.
  • Discussed club policy on sharing photos of children (e.g. from regattas) on Facebook and other platforms with respect to GDPR – followed up with advice to members on Teamer post.
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Launch of Sprite – Mon 7th May 6.30pm

Eastern Amateur Coastal Rowing Club will launch their second skiff off Portobello beach on Monday 7 May at 6:30pm, thanks to funding from National Lottery Awards for All.

Six women will name and launch the new boat – named SPRITE – and take her out on her maiden voyage. All the women are members of the club and compete regularly in this fast-growing and hugely popular Scottish sport. Their ages span six decades: teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Few other sports are so inclusive.

EACRC are named after the original Eastern Amateur Rowing club that was based in Portobello from the 1890s to the 1970s. SPRITE was the name of one of the original club’s boats, linking the past with today.

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Members update April 2018

Since the last update, the club has had its second AGM and the 2018 committee has met with its new members for the first time – here are the highlights:

Boat bookings

  • All members are reminded again that the club encourages self-organised rows outwith the rotas – see the link for details about how to book and our policy around longer adventure trips or read Maddy’s recent post on Teamer for additional information:
  • Please do remember to put all rowers & cox’s name into the calendar for any outings you book – this can be edited right up until you go onto the water – we just need to know that we can identify who is out on the boat at any time.
  • For bookings and rota sessions, it’s suggested that where the assigned cox is on the captain’s list, that they take on both roles. A separate captain should be assigned where the cox is not on the captain’s list.

Training & racing

  • We are hosting a race training evening in the Dalriada on Sunday 22nd April from 19.00 where we’ll talk about race preparation, race coxing and give feedback on a recent SCRA weekend of workshops. All members are welcome. See Alison’s post on Teamer for more information.
  • Circuits (now outdoors on Monday) and ergs (indoors on Thursday) will continue – look out for details on Teamer.
  • The committees are considering options for a couple of ‘away weekends’ in Autumn – more details to follow.

EACRC is officially a two-boat club

  • SPRITE has arrived and will be launched at 18:30 on Monday 7th May – more details will follow but we hope that lots of members will come along.
  • This means we have two boats snugly taking up space in our shed, so please keep it tidy – keep an eye out for water bottles and stray clothing you take out of bags during your row, dispose of rubbish etc.
  • We hope to move both boats into Bellfield later in the year but details are still being worked out.


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AGM 2018 minutes

Eastern’s 2nd Annual General Meeting was held on 21st February 2018.

Draft minutes are available at the link below:

EACRC AGM minutes 2018

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Members update Nov 2017

Christmas social – Wednesday 13th December – Skylark, Portobello

All members (plus guests) are invited to join us for a Christmas social next month. Invitations have been sent out via Teamer and you can pay directly there too – £10 per person for tapas and a glass of fizz. Contact Claire if there is any problem with the invite or payment. We plan to hold a quiz, review the year in photos and hand out awards for members who have made exceptional contributions to the club this year. If you have any nominations you would like to make please contact Alison.

Skelf is going to be a big sister!

Our Awards for All funding bid to allow us to buy a 2nd boat was successful! Huge thanks to Fiona Leishman and everyone else who assisted in putting the bid together. We will keep you posted on developments in the coming months. If anyone would like to propose a name for the club’s 2nd boat please send them to Sally and we will announce the selected name at the Christmas social.

We continue to look for suitable storage for the medium and longer term. If anyone is aware of potential locations where we could rent space, please get in touch with anyone on the committee.

Skelf’s winter maintenance will be postponed until the 2nd boat is ready to allow us to maintain regular rowing. The planned work will include some new & improved oars, and a consultation on the stroke footrest.

Welcome to new members

A very warm, wintry, welcome to our new members who have joined us since our latest “Come & Try” session. This might be a good opportunity to remind all current members when coxing (or rowing) to support new or inexperienced members by sharing useful tips about staying safe in and out of the boat – this includes taking care when lifting and entering or leaving the boat.

Club updates

We are beginning to prepare for our 2nd AGM which will be held on Wednesday 7th February 2018. An agenda will be circulated a couple of weeks before the meeting date. If any members wish to put themselves forward to join the committee for next year or to raise any items please get in touch with any current committee member (Maddy Corbin, Nick Johnson, Sean Watters, Sally Champion, Ailsa Cook, Alison Carlyle & Claire Tochel).

We have updated our captains’ checklist to include a minimum amount of skiff experience we think is appropriate before being added to the list.

Training & regattas

The training committee reported positive feedback from the survey and the findings are informing plans for winter training plans. These will include some focussed groups for training at weekends in Portobello (see Alison’s Teamer post on 15th Nov for details) and a trip away to take advantage of special facilities elsewhere. Various options are being carefully considered and will be announced in the next week or two.

We have already been invited to RowPorty and Ullapool regattas in 2018. We intend to attend both events. The training committee will consider optimal participation among other potential regattas to allow adequate time for crew selection and practice. With a 2nd boat there will be more opportunity to attend other events with scratch crews, or crews picked with a development or social focus.

At the SCRA AGM race coxing was raised as an issue due to more incidents occurring this year, perhaps as result of more new clubs and more inexperienced coxes. It is expected that SCRA race rules may be more strictly applied next year. We plan to hold some more race coxing training sessions in advance of the season – more details to follow.



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Members update Sept/Oct 2017

Dates for your diaries: 

  • EACRC’s Christmas Social will be on Tuesday 12th December with similar format as last year subject to booking.
  • Next year’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 7th February at the Dalriada.
  • There will also be another informal end of season social in the Skylark at the end of October incorporating a session on feedback from this year’s rowing– date TBC.

EACRC is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO): This is a form of charitable organisation, regulated by the the Scottish charity regulator OSCR. The main driver for this was that being an SCIO will allow us to access some sources of potential grant funding which we could not have done as an unincorporated association.

Members of a SCIO have some limited duties – to act in the interests of the SCIO, and to seek to ensure that the SCIO acts in a manner consistent with its charitable purposes. OSCR recognises that members may not be involved in the day to day management of the SCIO (in our case, this is undertaken by the EACRC committee), and at a practical level the members are most likely to be involved when considering changes to the constitution or electing charity trustees (in our case, the EACRC committee elected at the AGM).

Members of a SCIO are not liable for the debts of the SCIO if it is wound up. So registering as a SCIO has had the effect of excluding any liability for members in the event that the club incurred any financial liability which could not be met from club funds.

OSCR has produced a guide to SCIO’s which is available here: 

Funding for 2nd boat: With the help of Fiona (many thanks) we have put an application in to Awards for All to cover the costs of buying a second boat (plus everything that goes with it). We hope to hear in early December if we have been successful. We hope to have a second boat on the water next spring.

Policy: lifejackets for non-swimmers – please make sure you are aware of the rules around Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) in particular for anyone who cannot swim. The rules can be found on the Health and Safety page. Please note that lifejackets (as opposed to buoyancy aids) are available for non-swimmers in the shed, but anyone who cannot swim is responsible for making sure that there is a lifejacket in the boat every time they go out.

There will also be some small amendments made to the Captains Assessment Checklist shortly – further information to follow.

Coastal course for rowers: as per previous members update – watch this space for further information and dates.

Fresh Water Sprints and SCRA AGM: to be held at Loch Tummel on 28th October – watch this space for further information.

Youth – Laura has been working very hard to keep the youth afloat. Unfortunately, the Youth Regatta was cancelled due to conditions but it will be re-run in the spring. Laura is keen to expand the pool of coxes and helpers to run the youth arm of our club – please consider helping out if you can.

Come and try session: this will be re-run on 7th Look out for posts about this and again, please sign up to help out if you can.

Finance update: Over £2000 in the bank, no concerns in this respect. New fees for towing the boat to regattas agreed. (<25 miles – £0; 25–100 miles – £15 e/w; 100 miles + £25 e/w).

Bosun: NJ to organise additional storage in shed then post on Teamer about generally keeping shed tidier. Tiller and keel Strip have been fixed.

Training Sub-Committee: a short survey will be posted soon for feedback on the years events and training programme. Please give us your feedback to help shape the club’s future. A plan for the winter will then be devised. Note that the ERG sessions start again on Thursday 5th, 8pm – please see post on Teamer.

Membership: The club is open for an intake of new members from now until the end of October 2017. See the joining page ( for information about categories in which we have space to take on new members and our principles which lead us to these decisions (it’s not as straight forward as you might think!)

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