Members update April 2018

Since the last update, the club has had its second AGM and the 2018 committee has met with its new members for the first time – here are the highlights:

Boat bookings

  • All members are reminded again that the club encourages self-organised rows outwith the rotas – see the link for details about how to book and our policy around longer adventure trips or read Maddy’s recent post on Teamer for additional information:
  • Please do remember to put all rowers & cox’s name into the calendar for any outings you book – this can be edited right up until you go onto the water – we just need to know that we can identify who is out on the boat at any time.
  • For bookings and rota sessions, it’s suggested that where the assigned cox is on the captain’s list, that they take on both roles. A separate captain should be assigned where the cox is not on the captain’s list.

Training & racing

  • We are hosting a race training evening in the Dalriada on Sunday 22nd April from 19.00 where we’ll talk about race preparation, race coxing and give feedback on a recent SCRA weekend of workshops. All members are welcome. See Alison’s post on Teamer for more information.
  • Circuits (now outdoors on Monday) and ergs (indoors on Thursday) will continue – look out for details on Teamer.
  • The committees are considering options for a couple of ‘away weekends’ in Autumn – more details to follow.

EACRC is officially a two-boat club

  • SPRITE has arrived and will be launched at 18:30 on Monday 7th May – more details will follow but we hope that lots of members will come along.
  • This means we have two boats snugly taking up space in our shed, so please keep it tidy – keep an eye out for water bottles and stray clothing you take out of bags during your row, dispose of rubbish etc.
  • We hope to move both boats into Bellfield later in the year but details are still being worked out.


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