Members Update – Aug 2017

A brief update following an EACRC committee meeting on 25/07/17

Eastern hoodies & T-shirts: Saz has recently received an order of eastern t-shirts, if you would like one please get in touch with her. We understand that she is also happy to do a new hoody order, subject to their being enough requests, so again get in touch with her. Thank you Saz for organising this.

Coastal course for rowers: The SRA in partnership with the royal yachting association are putting together a course for coastal rowers to help them learn about the sea/conditions. They are interested in our feedback before putting the course together and then would like to pilot it on our club. Ailsa is in communication with the associations regarding this and will post any updates to teamer.

SCIO application: We have applied to OSCR to become a SCIO and should receive this status in the next 6-8 weeks. Sean will keep members up to date on this.

Funding for 2nd boat: With the help of Fiona, we are putting in a funding application to Paths For All for a second boat. We think the club’s second boat will be built by professional boat builders as we don’t feel we have the time resources within the club to build another boat. We would like to have the second boat for the start of the 2018 season.

Finance update: over £3000 in bank. Agreed to buy a new gazebo for the club.

Bosun update: Most pressingly the tiller needs to be re-glued onto the rudder. A few other things which can be looked at over winter (keel strip, new stroke footrest).

Any thoughts on improving the stroke footrest (particularly from those who row stroke regularly) would be welcome.

If you notice anything else, please get in touch with Nick or Sean.

Regatta season so far: Good season so far. Generally finishing within the top 4 in races. Solid ‘pools’ of rowers as opposed to strong individual crews.

Ullapool incident: Eastern were involved in a hull to hull collision during the men’s open race in Ullapool. No-one was injured. Claire has written an incident report from which we can all learn (especially coxes). This will be made available shortly.

Forthcoming regattas:

  • 5th Aug: Broughty Ferry
  • 26th Aug: North Berwick
  • 23rd September: Castle2Crane – 13 mile race down the Clyde. The crew we are entering is a men’s open: Nick, Geoff, Mark, Adam, Adam,
  • 24th September: Glasgow cup regatta – sign up on Teamer if you’d like to race.

Training: Land based training has been great and we hope to pick up both the circuits and ergs again in September. Thanks Emma and Brock for organising this to date. Wednesday evening and Sunday morning rotas have been well attended throughout the summer.

Feedback from members: Training committee to put together a survey to get feedback on training/team selection etc. from EACRC members at the end of the season.


  • Junior Regatta Saturday 16 Sept 12-4. Laura to organise a small sub-committee to help facilitate this event. Look out for a post about this.
  • Going forward we would like to expand the youth membership focusing on 15 – 18 years. It has been suggested that we could approach a local school to recruit some more youth.
  • Laura is happy to continue as CPO and to coordinate youth outings but feels we need more drive behind the youth rowing if we want to grow it. Therefore we would like to develop a continuing youth sub-group. Laura will post about this, but anyone interested in getting involved and helping develop our youth, please get in touch with her.

Membership: We will open to new members in September focussing on recruiting more 50+ members, especially men.

This will be initiated by an open morning on the 16th September (before the youth regatta). We will be looking for help running the open morning so keep an eye out for posts about this. Please spread the word about this!

Tuesday 29th August – Social in the skylark.

Rowing and mental health: Maddy would like to investigate the possibility of offering rowing experiences to local mental health charities with the aim of setting something up next summer. Any ideas and information relating to this would be welcome.

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