Members’ Update – November 2016

Lots has been happening on and off the water.

Upcoming dates:

  • Christmas social at the Skylark on Tuesday 6th Remember to email Claire – – with any nominations for members who you think deserve recognition for their contribution to the club this year.
  • Eastern AGM on Wednesday 25th January at the Dalriada – more info below.


  • Many thanks to Alison for organising a brilliant trip to Inverness in November. Apparently the original Eastern Amateur Rowing Club once held the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest fixed seat row of the length of Loch Ness… maybe we should try and get it back some day!
  • Thanks too to Emma Griffiths for getting us back at circuits on Mondays at the Wash House at 20.00. Emil (a local personal trainer) has recently added new levels of pain (and gain) to the sessions….
  • And just when you thought you could walk again, Brock and Gareth have been booking us in at the Katherine Grainger Gym on Thursdays at 19.30. Many thanks to them too – it offers a great opportunity to do some erg training with motivation and feedback from other members.


  • VHF radio returned to Marine Scene, fixed and returned to us – should now be back in Skelf / shed. Remember that it is our policy to carry it on all outings.
  • Trolley wheel bearings have been greased and marked with yellow tape so as not to muddle them with Rowporty’s now that we have to use the Bath Street opening for access to the beach.
  • One crew on the last weekend of each month will now be asked to spend 10 mins having a general shed tidy after their row – this will be prompted via rota.
  • Skelf’s main maintenance period is expected to be early in the new year which will include;
    • thorough wash of boat (maybe we can go to Frank’s again?)
    • touch up paintwork and varnish
    • replace pins and correct for angle of gunnel
    • make new no. 3 oar
    • make new stroke footrest plate.
  • The boat will be out of action for 2-3 weeks during the above period, if possible taking advantage of some poor weather.

Rowing Association Affiliations

  • SCRA AGM – represented by Sean. The proposal to set up an international group which will consult on and recommend common designs for oars and oarlocks was passed. So we’ll be consulted at some point about potential new measurement rules. The Association is keen to develop the picnic class for development and tinkerers. Have a look at SCRA ( for more info.
  • SRA AGM – represented by Claire. The idea of a reduced membership fee for coastal rowing clubs was accepted in principle to be discussed by them at a later date. There was lots of interest in coastal rowing generally – the growth in numbers and the competitiveness of our events. Sally and Ailsa met with the Chief Operating Officer of SRA in October to scope out better links between SRA and fixed seat rowing.

Committee news:

  • Two current committee members are stepping down – Alex and Laura. Our AGM will be held in the Dalriada on Wed 25th All other current members (Sean, Ailsa, Claire, Nick, Maddy, Sally) will effectively step down and put themselves forward again. We hope to appoint two or three new club members to the committee for 2017. The committee meets approximately every other month, so around 6 meetings per year. If you are interested in joining the committee contact Sally on

Current specific positions are:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Treasurer
  3. Membership
  4. Bosun
  5. Secretary
  6. Training
  • Alex has done a brilliant job as head coach, but it’s probably too much for one person! We are therefore going to try and put together a Training sub-group. This will be the only Eastern sub-group. Training and development is the main business of the club and the rest of the committee can manage everything else. Ideally there will be at least one person on both the sub-group and the committee. We would like to achieve a mixture of ages and backgrounds and envisage this group comprising 5 – 7 people. The main tasks would be:
    • crew selection (defining the criteria and selection process then implementing it),
    • developing training in general, as well as for squads and for teams and how we integrate new rowers.

More administrative tasks will be;

  • creating and posting training plans,
  • collecting erg scores and encouraging people to keep this part of their training up.

Maddy and Ailsa will write a more detailed remit for the new group, and post on Teamer. Please get in touch with Maddy ( once there is more info if you are interested.

2017 regattas:

  • The committee decided that every regatta that the club attends should be treated similarly; the basic principle being that everyone gets one row with rowers of a similar ability and beyond that we field the best teams we can. The details will be developed by the Training sub-group.
  • The committee will decide in January which regattas EACRC will attend once more dates are known, ideally we’ll aim for around one per month. Not all regattas are up on the SCRA calendar at the moment but it’s likely we’ll go to Ullapool and North Berwick.


  • We are currently at our capacity of 45 rowing adult members.
  • Please see Maddy’s recent Teamer post about renewing – advance notice from anyone who won’t be rejoining in the new year will help her manage our waiting list.


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