Members Update September 2016


  • Next social diary date is Tuesday 18 October at the Skylark
  • Circuits starts on Monday 03 October at the Wash House at 8pm
  • Erg session at Edinburgh University on 09 October 2 – 4pm. Please sign up on Teamer
  • Christmas Social will be at the Skylark on Dec 6th @ £10 per head for nibbles and fizz. More details to follow.


  • There are now sandbags at the bottom of Bellfield Street to make getting the boat up the curb easier.
  • Oars have been labelled for ease of getting into position at launch.
  • The VHF is being returned for fixing or replacing, so there is currently no VHF in the shed. Can all coxes and captains please take out a mobile phone in a waterproof case for now.
  • A set of short oars have been made – Alex will organise testing them in a range of sea and weather conditions.
  • We have oak to make new rouths and pins and will look into sheathing the pins with a copper or plastic sleeve to protect them.
  • Trolleys have been greased. Please remember not to get any of the metal parts in the sea and they will last longer.
  • Over the winter, probably after Christmas, Skelf will come off the water for a winter makeover, should only take a week. Nick will keep us posted and try to minimise disruption to training.

Membership and Teamer:

  • Maddy has taken over responsibility for membership which is now at 45 adults and 13 youth. A very warm welcome to all new members and thanks to everyone who has helped support the ongoing induction sessions. Remember that we depend on everyone taking a fair share of coxing, so approximately one in every 5 sessions you do (once a full member) should be as a cox.
  • Teamer invitations to row at the weekend will go out to all members (including youth), but we won’t ‘push’ the rota out to everyone any more so please remember to check Teamtalk on Teamer after Thursday if you have signed up to row. It is your responsibility to be there on time and to arrange a swap if you can’t row. All member contact details are on Teamer. We know Teamer isn’t perfect, but we also know nothing is! Please check out the Teamer help pages online or email Claire if there is something specific you are struggling with and she’ll try to help.

Rotas and Training:

  • Emma Griffiths and Brock are covering the Wednesday rota for now, although these will soon come to an end as the light fades.
  • Sally and Ailsa will continue a rota on Saturdays and Sundays for the time being. Email if you have limited availability and we’ll do our best to fit everyone in. Very restricted availability might mean you are left off the rota. Youth rowers will start to go out on these rotas too as the evening sessions come to an end. Crews will continue to be mixed on Saturdays and where we can we will use Sunday sessions for age/sex specific crews. Outing plans are in Docs on Teamer and we ask that all coxes use them in training sessions. If you need any guidance on how to use them please ask Ailsa or Alex.
  • Many new members have completed their four trial sessions and will now be included in rotas as full members, including taking turns at coxing. If you have not coxed yet please ask to have a go in the middle of a session (if the conditions are suitable) to get a feel for it.
  • We are keen to recruit more Captains, if you meet the requirements please get in touch with Maddy.
  • Just a reminder that any full member can organise to take the boat out at any time with a crew provided the session doesn’t clash with another booking. Private bookings must be recorded on the calendar including the full names of all rowers. The crew must include a club Captain and can include up to 2 guests per boat. A donation of £2 per guest per row should be made to the club as a contribution towards maintenance costs. Please pass this to treasurer (Claire) when convenient.
  • Remember circuits on Mondays at the Wash House and the Ed Uni erg session on 09 Oct.

A second boat:

  • Many of us have discussed this. We are pretty confident we can raise funds for a second boat and are looking at possibilities of buying or borrowing one that’s already built. That said there is no rush and we are still less than 12 months old as a club. If at some point in the future we were to acquire a second boat the bigger obstacle is where to store it. Space in Portobello is at a premium.
  • There is the community buy-out at Bellfield Church and we have thought about renting a storage unit at the western end of the prom, we have also thought about the Scottish Water building at the eastern end of the prom and have discussed the idea of applying to rent a small piece of unused land from the council. This is probably a ‘long-grass’ item but if anyone has ideas or is particularly interested please email Sean.
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