Members Update August 2016

It’s been pretty busy! We had a social on the beach on Monday 8th, a committee meeting on the 9th and an open Come & Try day on Sunday 14th.  Thanks to everyone for help with the Come & Try session. It was really successful, almost 20 people came and tried Coastal Rowing.

Lots was discussed at the Committee Meeting, here’s a round up. Please have a read!

Date for your diaries is the EACRC AGM. This will be held on either the 5th or 6th of December depending on availability at the Skylark.

From Nick the Bosun:

  • Please start taking stuff out of the bow of the boat and hang up as some stuff is getting mouldy
  • Remember to tallow before each outing
  • Try not to leave personal belongings in the shed – we share the space with Nick and the boat and her trailer obviously already take up a lot of room
  • A new oar will be made (on 3) after the NB regatta


  • Membership is currently at 35 adults. Committee decided to go up to a club maximum of 45. There will remain a cap on membership age ranges to ensure a demographic spread across the club
  • There will be an intake of new members in September. New members will pay a pro-rata membership cost for the remaining 6 months to Feb 17.
  • There is a waiting list; we will fill club vacancies from September starting with the waiting list and then move to new applications from the Come & Try day providing there is space in that age group

nb Maddy will be dealing with membership from now on

Training and racing:

  • Great rowing! Pretty successful season so far. Ireland was terrific. Many thanks to Maddy for organising us so well
  • We will go back to rowing in pools once the last two regattas are over with (NB and SQ) in order to mix things up a bit and share what we do – cascading knowledge and reinforcing club style
  • Given new memberships will be starting in September we will be operating a rota on Saturdays and Sundays during September. Sally and Ailsa will continue to do a weekend rota each. Claire will continue to do Wednesday evenings. We will all need to help to bring new members up to speed with what we do and how we do it
  • Erg times matter, our experiences in Ireland show that a good erg score does translate into good performance in races and we will continue to use erg scores as part of crew selection for races. There are plenty of ideas in the Docs section on Teamer for how to get the most out of an erg session. Going in pairs works really well too.
  • We will try to set up club circuits, hopefully with Adam Hardy and building on work that Emma has been doing
  • We are attending South Queensferry Regatta on 10th September. If you would like to race, please sign up on teamer by Tuesday 23rd August
  • Alison is organising a training weekend away in Inverness, using her contacts there to get us out on a sliding set up and to enable us to row in Skelf with coaching observations from the side. Details to follow, Thanks Alison
  • The calendar is working well. Please remember to keep it up to date if you make any plans or change any plans and remember that the timings are only for the time the boat is expected to be on the water (not time to get her in or out). If you have a regular slot but can’t make it, please aim to amend the calendar 48 hours before row (or earlier) to allow others to get a crew together and take the slot.

Youth EACRC:

  • Laura will continue to lead on Youth rowing. Specific times are going to be extended to include Friday afternoons as well as Thursday evenings
  • Once a young person is 16 they can sign up on any rota
  • We should all be aware that it’s important to swap sides regularly for young people. Laura is producing a brief guidance document for youth rowing that we should read before going out with young people on the boat and is getting several of us disclosure checked. This doesn’t mean no-one else can take young people out, but if we are regularly coaching our youths we should go through the disclosure process. Thanks to Laura for all of this
  • There are plans to take our Youth Rowers through to Strathclyde Park on Saturday 24th September to participate in some fun races and a ‘festival of rowing’ organised by Scottish Rowing. More details to follow.

Finally can we ask that if you would like to race in a bum-bag style life jacket please buy (and label) your own; we are each responsible for our own life jackets including checking them regularly. The club only has the buoyancy aids that come out in the boat

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