Update – committee meeting 13th May 2016

Here is a summary of the main topics covered in our recent committee meeting.

Notices from the coach (Alex):

  1. Worlds crews: these will be decided after Ullapool. Crews are likely to differ at Portsoy due to who is able to attend.
  2. Erg time: these are a really useful indicator of members’ progress and relative fitness. We would like a more recent 1k time for everyone to assist with upcoming team selection.  Please email Alex (alex.hilliam@gmail.com) with a recent  (April/May) 1k erg time BEFORE Ullapool. There have been some discussions among several members about making erg times public to encourage some healthy competition so from now on submitted erg times will be stored in Teamer docs. Should you wish your time not to be public please let Alex know when you send it in and he will blank it out.

Message from the bosun (Nick):

  1. Tallow: we want to reduce wear on the pins and routhes, so please apply tallow liberally before every single outing. It really does make a difference.
  2. Oar care: please take care with oars particularly when launching and recovering the boat. The oars and gunnels are already showing signs of wear with a few dinks from the oars sliding around. The boat has been well used in our first 4 months (which is fantastic), but we should all try to keep damage to a minimum.
  3. Oar update: 1 new set of oars has been completed. Since they were first in use they have had more weight taken off, and they are now being tried again. Another set of short oars is in progress.

If you have any feedback or need to log a maintenance issue, please get in touch with Sean (seanwatters@hotmail.com) or Nick (nickjohnson84@hotmail.com).

Events and volunteers

We hope EACRC members will attend the following events. Volunteers will be required to help co-ordinate them. Please get in touch with Sally (sallylchampion@gmail.com) if you’d like to get involved.

  • 11th June, 5pm – Eskmuthe – Rowing of the Marches
    • “Rowing skiffs and dinghies to sail the seaward boundary of Musselburgh followed by a rowing regatta and BBQ / beers”.
    • Contact is Gaynor: eskmuthe@gmail.com
  • 18th June – Newhaven – Forth Midsummer Challenge
  • 24th June – Invesco City Regatta
  • Come & Try Session – date to be determined – August?
    • We need help organising an open session on the beach over the summer as part of Project Rio (http://www.scottish-rowing.org.uk/index.php/rio2016/prrio/projectrio). This could tie in with other things that are happening on Porty beach over the summer and could include an erg on the prom via Edinburgh Leisure. We may try to focus on youth access, and coordinate with other coastal clubs where possible. There will be a Rio Regatta on Saturday 24 September for anyone who has been introduced to rowing through the project.
    • Contacts are Sally (sallylchampion@gmail.com) and Laura (SRA) (jennings@scottish-rowing.org.uk)
  • 29th Oct – Fresh Water Regatta – Loch Tummel, Pitlochry
    • The last regatta on the skiffie calendar.

Next club social

  • Monday 20th June in the Skylark, 8pm onwards.

Other items

  • Gazebo/shelter – We plan to buy a shelter for the club to use at regattas and other events to help us stay warm and organised regardless of the weather. We should have this in time for Ullapool.
  • Subs for regattas – at each regatta we’ll ask our club organiser to arrange a whip around of £2 per rower to help cover costs. For the worlds it will be a bit more to cover the ferry cost.
  • Contribution to towers – for long distance regattas, boat towers will receive £20 each way from the club as a contribution toward fuel.
  • Worlds raffle tickets – watch out for these coming your way (via Sally)!
  • Racing tshirts – are currently being organised with club branding by Sarah Mauritzen. Orders (S, M or L) need to be placed by Saturday 21st May – see Teamer post for more information.
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