Update: 01/04/2016

Below is a summary of current news from EACRC post the committee meeting on March 23rd.

If you’d like to get in touch with any of the people listed below you can find their contact details on Teamer under ‘Members’.

Squad Formation

April 10th is the date for looking at squad formation. Sign up if you can make it. Women first, men second. Should be a chance to catch up with each other too if the weather is kind. After this date we won’t be accepting any more new members until September. Don’t forget to sign up for the regattas you can attend so that you can be put in a team. The first of these is Ullapool on 28/29 May

Rotas & Evening Rowing

Evening rota for Wednesdays is being coordinated by Claire Tochel. This is the only evening rota being coordinated and outside of this we encourage members to self organise crews to get out on the water.

When doing this, please remember to book the boat out. Current instructions on how to do this are on the website: https://eacrc.wordpress.com/rowing/boat-bookings/how-to-book/. However we plan to move to a different calendar soon which will be much easier to use (see below).

For now we’ll continue two weekend rotas, but once the squads are announced this will drop to 1 with the hope that we start more squad-based self-organised outings.


Several of us are finding Teamer is good for some things but harder to use as a calendar for boat booking. Maddy Corbin is looking at embedding a more user-friendly calendar into the EACRC website which all members will have a password for. It is the same as Ullapool’s system and will appear as a tab on the website. Have a look at their website, specifically the tab ‘booking calendar’ and look out for details of ours to follow https://ullcoastrow.wordpress.com/

Coxes’ Training evenings

We have planned three evening sessions to support coxing. The dates for these are: Monday 18th April, Tuesday 03rd May and Monday 16th May. All in The Skylark and all 8-10pm. Session 1 will focus on how to improve technique; session 2 will look at watercraft and safety; session 3’s focus will be on race coxing.


EACRC was awarded a grant from Edinburgh Airport. We will use this for a variety of things including new oars and hopefully an erg in the boat shed!


Two new sets of oars are going to be made. One longer set and one shorter set. Contact Nick Johnson if you’re keen to help.

Road trailer

A new road trailer is on order for the club.

Regattas & events

The call to help for volunteers has been terrific; Sarah Mauritzen has offered to coordinate team kit. Lucy and Ed Van der Ven are coordinating Ullapool, Emma Griffiths and Sally Champion are coordinating Portsoy, Maddy Corbin is coordinating the Worlds and Patsy James is coordinating North Berwick.

In addition EACRC has been invited to a Puffin Festival regatta in Amble, Northumberland on June 4th. Brock Leuck and Sean Watters will coordinate this; Eskmuthe are hosting a Rowing of the Marches on June 11th and Newhaven are hosting a Forth Midsummer Challenge. More details to follow but keep the dates free if you are interested. Sally Champion will be point of contact for these for now.

Youth rowing

EACRC is also keen to develop Youth Rowing. The cost for under 18s is as follows: £20 per year if one or more parents are already members and £40 per year if neither parents is a member. Laura Plumb will coordinate one team of four and Ailsa Cook is looking into SRA (Scottish Rowing Association) guidelines regarding young people and rowing to help us structure our outings for under 18s. If anyone else is keen to organise a second team of four or to help Laura please get in touch with her.

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