Skelf launched

Eastern Amateur Coastal Rowing Club are proud to announce that our new boat ‘SKELF’ launched successfully just before Christmas – not only does she float, she glides! Thank you to our sponsors Stag Energy for doing the honours – and for providing the funds that brought in match funding from sportscotland.

We were delighted to be met on the water by Rowporty’s Icebreaker and North Edinburgh Rowing’s Troika and loved the oar salute they welcomed us with. We were also honoured that folk from Boatie Blest, Eskmuthe and Newhaven turned out too making a grand total of six clubs represented on Portobello beach for the maiden voyage.

The new club is going to have an inaugural meeting at the Dalriada on Wednesday 13th January for folk who think they may be interested in joining to come along and find out a bit more about the club and how it’s going to work. All welcome for an 8 o’clock start.

Prior to that we will be taking the boat out to work out best practices for launching, rowing, organising outings and caring for the boat. We will also be updating our website with information over the next couple of weeks.


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